bad submission guidelines

bad submission guidelines

if you take 30,000 words to write out submission guidelines to your next not so best seller you may want to make sure people can actually figure out WHAT you want after they read them.  That is if they make it through the ugly, unreadable, headache inducing fonts.  Not to mention the numerous errors, offensive language, random rants against your imaginary enemies.  Your brags about how great you think you are.  Lies about what you claim others have said about you.  And just plain idiocy.  Here’s a hint Nicky.   YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.


NIcky the delusional woman hating coward

It seems Nicky has a new imaginary career to add to his list of dead imaginary careers.

In the past he’s claimed to be:

An author, an editor, investigative journalist, band promoter, and web designer each of which he’s lied about or been such a failure it’s provided much laughter.  Now he’s claiming to be a memoirist.  It provided me with a good laugh this morning.

My career is far from dead, it’s getting reinvented as not only a horror author but as a memoirist. I am trying to get back into the fray as an anthology publisher of all modern authors — the project I am doing, I am calling in my longtime friends to contribute as well for it and the anthology. The guidelines you saw on wordpress were only an outline and vague. Each part I go into great detail and each part I go into detail in private correspondence to go even further with it. As anthologist, I always write a test story for a submission call that is based upon the guidelines I arrange so to see if they are not too hard for the contributor to actually pull it off. You only want my career dead you bloated obese harpy.


Keep it class and professional Nicky the only one making you look stupid and bad is yourself.