fossil lake

fossil lake

Enjoying my contributor’s copy of Fossil Lake. I just about died of shock when I saw that all the words on the cover are spelled correctly including the name of the company and the editor! Oh and look all the author’s names are spelled correctly to. What really makes me laugh, though is special ed nicky pacione whining about me promoting this wonderful book. Why would I NOT promote a book I’m published in and damn proud to tell my friends and family I’m in it?


Cold Snap

I’m one of the unfortunates in the USA dealing with ungodly cold.  It’s actually warmer at the North Pole than it is here.  Wind chills of 55 or so below are forecast for Monday.  I’m glad I can stay inside reading good stuff like “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman or “NOS4A2” by Joe Hill.  Or even catching up on the pod casts of “welcome to nightvale” that I recently heard about.  They’re quirky, a bit unsettling, and often quite humorous.

Reading the extremely childish, not funny, and quite honestly extremely stupid twitters from Nicky I once again have to ask myself “OMGWTFBBQ was I thinking??????”  My 3 year old cousin is more mature (and has a larger and better vocabulary….seriously the kid uses words like ‘ridiculous’ and seems to understand and use them correctly!) than he ever will..  He’s got the mentality of a 2 year old, needs his mouth washed out with soap, and to be locked up in a mental health facility away from a computer for a very long damn time.

Saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug last night.  I enjoyed it more than the first, mostly because of Smaug.  That was by FAR the best looking dragon I’ve ever seen on the movie screen.  I may be a bit prejudiced as I like my dragons evil and greedy and filled with death and fire, but damn they did an awesome job with him.

Public Service Announcement

To any women unfortunate enough to have Nicky chasing after you for a date here are some good reasons NOT to date him in a million years. Besides the fact you’ll have to drive him everywhere and pay for the dates as he never has any money.

Here’s what he considers to be ‘charm’

Do you suck your mother’s cock with that mouth?

Shut the fuck up and let people submit to my anthologies you fucking rape-baby. You hide behind not having a photo on the web and you call me a fucking troll? You are the real troll here you faceless cunt. Go take some cyanide and chase it with some fucking rat poison you fucking bitch.

Colbert shut the hell up. I don’t hate women, I just make blue humored jokes at one author and dirty jokes at the expense of my first fuck since you are making fast friends with the bitch. I am not a thief you little fuck, so kindly shut the hell up and let me get my submissions for anthologies I am planning. What you are doing to my publishing imprint is extremely inconsiderate.

I actually have respect for women you little rape-baby. It is just a few women are assholes as much as men are.

“I have the skill Mike. You snub the places where I got published with and sold to. So kindly take your snide remarks off my blog before I make you look like a total rape-baby on this blog. If you don’t like my submission call don’t submit, don’t be an asshole and sabotage someone’s anthology because you think they are unprofessional and vile in your eyes. I am vile to the ones who treat me like a second class citizen.”

Shut up you fucking rape baby. The reason I got thrown off after being there for eleven years is because I hurt the feelings of some yaoi writer when I said I don’t publish stories that glorify homosexuality. Just because you got pissed at me with the PSA with your abomination of a short story, that doesn’t give you the civil duty to slander me on with your blatant lies about my memoir being that of a repressed homosexual. I am not gay or ever will gay, as for the namesake anthology read the article in the Joliet Herald News for a full idea what that anthology is about. So Marc do the world a favor and get yourself a t-girl for a wife because you are nothing but a flaming faggot.

I am not going to give up from publishing. I took two years off as it is. I am not my own worst enemy, you stole my fucking pen name and wrote that shitty story on — you should be drawn and quartered for that shit you little cunt.

Stinky Cat I am not going to take a break from publishing you little incest born rape baby. You hide behind no photograph and fake name to diss me — go find a corpse and have sex with it.

Did you get pregnant with a horse? Kindly stop calling me out of name you rape-baby.

Melany you turned into a real fat whore after we called it quits. You made up lies about me beating you when I never laid a goddamned hand on you in harm. You call me a plagiarist when I never plagiarized a short story, even in my early years I never plagiarized. I remember when you said I was actually good as a writer, after we broke up all the sudden I suck? Then you support these horse rapers and infant fuckers.

Yes he thinks it’s ok to call women ‘cunts’ and ‘whores’ and use disgusting terms like ‘rape baby’.  You can do much better than this unemployed loser girls.  What a charmer eh girls?  Pedophilia, bestiality, rape, necrophilia.  Are you STILL sure you want to go out with a guy who just screams “SEX OFFENDER” who should be locked up in the nearest loony bin for life with every post he makes?

Why no woman should date Nickolaus Pacione

Besides the fact he has no job, no money, doesn’t drive, has a tiny penis, and hates women; he considers the following statements to be part of his charm.

I am suggesting to the tools begging for my silence to find a new hobby such as sexually molesting barn animals.  I know I am disgusting.


kindly find a new hobby, such as having sex with the family dog.  I am not harassing minors on twitter.


Did they catch you ejaculating in the ass of a goat?

 this is coming from a has-been blogger who fucked me out of an anthology spot.  Get a new hobby you disgusting tramp.