fossil lake

fossil lake

Enjoying my contributor’s copy of Fossil Lake. I just about died of shock when I saw that all the words on the cover are spelled correctly including the name of the company and the editor! Oh and look all the author’s names are spelled correctly to. What really makes me laugh, though is special ed nicky pacione whining about me promoting this wonderful book. Why would I NOT promote a book I’m published in and damn proud to tell my friends and family I’m in it?


3 thoughts on “fossil lake

  1. Your publisher had made a name of herself lifting from Walt’s properties for many years. Fossil Lake is a bastardization of my first science fiction outing as in 2007, then unknown Kevin Lucia queried to my project via this “Fossil Lake Press” so put your finger down and go back to crunching numbers. I uncovered one of her era illicit dribble as I noticed it emerged around the time of my eerie conversation with the cab driver that became my first crossover. In recent years I had found the Chicago Tribune articles reporting about my classmate’s act of narcotic induced and 40 oz adult beverage laced at of homicide. Face it I busted the twat lifting my material just as you are.

    • Melany says:

      still whining about stuff that happened years ago. nobody cares that you think you were a big shot 10 or more years ago. You were a nobody then, and you’re a nobody now.

    • Melany says:

      Her Lake Fossil books have done something you never succeeded at….people are BUYING them. You couldn’t even give yours away. So you need to STFU already about how your books and stories are so much better. You haven’t even published anything in years.

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