new used car, fossil lake

After my little green monster died a month ago I’d been half looking for a car.  I finally bought one a week ago. It’s a nice, tan colored, 20007 Ford Taurus.  I had to cut back on my cable TV and a couple of other things to make sure I can make the payments, but a care is more important to me right now since I need one for my part time job and just to get around town there’s no public transportation here.

I’ve also started a story that I hope to get finished in time to submit to the sequel to “Fossil Lake” once calls go out for submissions for it of course!

And poor Nicky Pacione.  More and more he’s coming off as pathetic and desperate for attention.  He really thinks women would want to date him.  Because us women folk are so turned on by unemployed losers who call us whores, cunts, meth addicts, and tells us he wants to rape us so we have his babies.  It would take a hell of a lot of rape date drugs for ANY women to be willing to have sex with nicky and he’s too much of a pansy to actually be able to succeed if we aren’t drunk or drugged enough to fight back.  Of course we also wouldn’t go running screaming to the police and the nearest pharmacy to demand the ‘day after pill’ to make sure we didn’t get pregnant with his kid and to have his butt ugly ass thrown in jail.

Oh…and now his thing is to call people who HAVE real jobs and careers unlike his imaginary one drug addicts.  One look at his picture shows the world who is probably the REALY drug addict and it isn’t us!





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