Halloween and Nanowrimo

I love this time of year for TV viewing.  All this month there’s been plenty of horror movies to last me for another year.  Some have been good, others not so good.  Alien, the original Halloween, the original The Fog, even  a couple of oldies with Bela Legosi.  A surprise was the remake of The Evil Dead.  I still prefer the original directed by Sam Raimi with Bruce Campbell, but the remake wasn’t too bad which surprised me.  It’s not GREAT, but it doesn’t completely suck.

Nanowrimo is less than a week away.  I scrapped my original idea of a “Midnight Diner” ran by a gay werewolf named Lloyd or Albert who secretly lusts after a bat shit insane author who terrorizes the waitresses once a month when his government check arrives in the mail.  I decided there just wasn’t enough of an idea for a complete novel there. 

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