New Fall TV Season

Just my thoughts on a few of the shows

Sleepy Hollow:  I’ll start with this one since it HAS been renewed for a 2nd season.  My first impression when I watched the pilot episode was “ho hum another end of the world, Apocalypse is coming show”.  The characters and writing are what save it.  Ichabod Crane’s reactions to the modern world are often amusing, and he tells people just what he thinks of these modern times.  Some of the scenes and demons manage to be quite disturbing without being too over the top, and there is little gore to turn you off.

The Blacklist:  I was surprised to agree with critics about this being a great show.  The acting is top notch, and there have already been some twists, and secrets being revealed that make me wonder what will happen in the weeks to come.

The Crazy Ones:  So far not too impressed with this one, but if they manage to rein in Robin Williams manic personality just a little bit, it could become a favorite of mine.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD:  still not sold on this one, either.  It’s OK, and probably a good show that parents could watch with their kids, but it’s not doing anything for me yet.

I can’t comment on the finale of Breaking Bad, I never got into the show, so I didn’t bother watching the finale. 

I haven’t watched the finale of Dexter, yet to know what I think of it.

Glad that Once Upon a Time is back.  I was having Rumplestiltskin withdrawals.

Now I just have to wait for Arrow and Grimm to return.


2 thoughts on “New Fall TV Season

  1. Lewis Unknown says:

    Sleepy Hollow is a fun, silly show, strangely enough my favourite thing about it is that Ichabod uses the British pronunciation of Lieutenant. Blacklist has been entertaining too though I’m not entirely sold on the actress playing Elizabeth, so far she just doesn’t quite seem to be holding up her end compared to James Spader. I do want to like Agents of Shield but so far it’s been frankly run of the mill and the most likeable characters are Coulson, Fitz, Simmons and the lady who flies the plane, I kind of hope that they’ll get around to some more recognisable elements from the Marvel Universe to flesh out the world, the Hydra tech was a step in the right direction. New season of Person of Interest has been a bit of a slow start too, but I have hopes for it picking up pace.

    • Melany says:

      James Spader is what hooked me on The Blacklist. I thought I would hate it after all the gushing NBC was doing over how the critics all loved it. I like the quirks of Ichabod in sleepy hollow, like his outrage over a 45 cent tax on donuts or his reactions to modern technology. The show could go really wrong, but somehow it works for me. I hated the pilot the first time around I have to admit, but then I watched it a second time and figured out it was because I was too distracted to catch a couple of minor points like how Ichabod and the horseman became linked by their blood mixing that left me confused the first time around as to WHY he had awoken when the horseman returned.

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