NIcky the delusional woman hating coward

It seems Nicky has a new imaginary career to add to his list of dead imaginary careers.

In the past he’s claimed to be:

An author, an editor, investigative journalist, band promoter, and web designer each of which he’s lied about or been such a failure it’s provided much laughter.  Now he’s claiming to be a memoirist.  It provided me with a good laugh this morning.

My career is far from dead, it’s getting reinvented as not only a horror author but as a memoirist. I am trying to get back into the fray as an anthology publisher of all modern authors — the project I am doing, I am calling in my longtime friends to contribute as well for it and the anthology. The guidelines you saw on wordpress were only an outline and vague. Each part I go into great detail and each part I go into detail in private correspondence to go even further with it. As anthologist, I always write a test story for a submission call that is based upon the guidelines I arrange so to see if they are not too hard for the contributor to actually pull it off. You only want my career dead you bloated obese harpy.


Keep it class and professional Nicky the only one making you look stupid and bad is yourself.


Halloween and Nanowrimo

I love this time of year for TV viewing.  All this month there’s been plenty of horror movies to last me for another year.  Some have been good, others not so good.  Alien, the original Halloween, the original The Fog, even  a couple of oldies with Bela Legosi.  A surprise was the remake of The Evil Dead.  I still prefer the original directed by Sam Raimi with Bruce Campbell, but the remake wasn’t too bad which surprised me.  It’s not GREAT, but it doesn’t completely suck.

Nanowrimo is less than a week away.  I scrapped my original idea of a “Midnight Diner” ran by a gay werewolf named Lloyd or Albert who secretly lusts after a bat shit insane author who terrorizes the waitresses once a month when his government check arrives in the mail.  I decided there just wasn’t enough of an idea for a complete novel there. 

Fossil Lake News

I’m going to be in the anthology!  I don’t know who else has been accepted yet, but I’m honored to have been accepted.  A big thanks to the wonderful folks at Daverana Enterprises for taking a chance on me, and for their encouragement, constructive criticism, and professionalism.  I can’t wait to see who else made it into the anthology!  

winner winner chicken dinner

I love winning free books.  I was lucky enough to win free e-copies of “Night of the Chupacabra” (Book I) and “Curse of the Chupacabra” (Book II) by Michael Hebler this week.  They’re  now waiting patiently on my Kindle for me to finish reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King so I can dive right into them!


It’s less than a month away!  I think this year I’ll either title my novel House of Spiders or Ghosts in the Tornado, or maybe even Blood Contender.  Whatever I call it I do believe it will have gay characters, and sex, sex, and even more sex.  Well maybe not THAT much sex, but definitely violence, dead people gore, and other fun stuff. 

And if Nicky throws a fit over my title and calls me more nasty names I’ll just have to use another of his titles since he lacks the intelligence to learn.

young, up and coming authors?

With the recent passing of Tom Clancy, some friends and I got to talking about what we’re going to do when certain favorite authors pass away.  Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, and Anne Rice were some we mentioned due to age and health issues. 

So far our plan seems to be “lock ourselves in our bedroom for a month because we’ll be totally useless to civilized people”.  OK, we probably won’t go to that extreme, but we aren’t sure what authors will fill the voids when some of our aging favorites are gone.