fossil lake, feeling ambitious

Just sent in my “Fossil Lake” story.  Now I can go back to other things.  Like knitting, learning to crochet, cultural events going on.  I may be a fat bitch of a back woods Hick (Nicky’s words not mine), but I experience more culture than he does.  His idea of culture are the really bad stories he writes, really bad and far from scary horror movies, and really bad metal bands. 

I personally like things like “A Night Like it Used to Be” at the local movie theater.  They will be going back to their roots when they first opened in the early 1900s and showed silent movies and had vaudeville shows.  On October 5th they’ll be showing a silent movie with a small orchestra followed by a vaudeville show and sing along. 

I also wish I could have gone to the grand reopening of the movie theater in Iowa Falls.  It’s a beautiful building, they did some remodeling, and for the reopening Hugh Jackman made a special appearance and they showed two of his current movies The Wolverine and the one that just opened, The Prisoners.  I just couldn’t afford the $100 tickets.

In the next few months I’ll be attending plays, the nutcracker ballet, concerts by mannheim steamroller and Gaelic Storm, and the top two acts from America’s Got Talent from last year. (dogs and a comedian)

8 thoughts on “fossil lake, feeling ambitious

  1. Stinkycat says:

    I think crochet is way easier than knitting. Knitting is HARD…people who knit really well make it look so easy. $100 tickets for a movie? That’s crazy.

    • Melany says:

      My aunt makes crochet look easy. When I try anything more than a single crochet stitch I end up with a mess so far. I’m taking a class next month on the basics of crochet, since my aunt lives 400 miles away making it a bit hard for her to show me what I’m doing wrong. =) I love that I can sit and knit and still carry on a conversation at family gatherings or just sit on the bench in front of my apartment building and enjoy the weather!

      • Stinkycat says:

        Taking a class is smart. I taught myself from a book, and there was a learning curve. It is ridiculously calming. There are some really beautiful yarns out there now. Sounds like a fun project!

      • Melany says:

        I just got a catalog from yesterday about their yarn sale. I’m finding it hard NOT to go through it and order several of everything. I have the books crocheting and knitting for dummies, several of those big plastic totes full of yarn from sales and thrift stores I picked up cheap to practice with, and I’ve used youtube videos for some of the basics, but I do better with an actual person showing me the basics then I can usually figure out more advanced stuff as I go. =)

  2. Stinkycat says:

    That’s a great site.Looking through it now- I feel like taking up something new and crafty. i found chunky bulky yarn with big hooks was the easiest to crochet- can make afghans fairly quickly and more of a sense of accomplishment 🙂 I could make flowers and balls on them but never got more advanced than that. Have fun!

  3. Stinkycat says:

    Ahhh…I may have to get myself one of the beaded Christmas ornament kits.

    • Melany says:

      Muahahaha I’ve sucked another person into the awesomeness that is that company! 😀 I get their catalog every couple of months, emails with deals (I LOVE it when they offer free shipping, even if my wallet doesn’t), and every so often I get to their retail store in Stevens Point, Wisconsin as it’s like 2 miles out of our way to go to it going to or returning from a visit with relatives in that lovely state.

      • Stinkycat says:

        Thanks for the tip about the free shipping coupon. I signed up and just got the coupon this a.m. 🙂 Big cost savings!

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