Nickolaus Pacione the hypocrite

He loves to throw childish tantrums that would do my 2 year old cousin proud over his oh so original titles.  When in reality not a single title of his is new or original.  He steals them from songs, books by more talented authors, etc.  He then pretends they don’t exist as if that would make them suddenly disappear to make his title fresh and new.  More and more he’s making pet rocks look like they have genius IQs.

3 thoughts on “Nickolaus Pacione the hypocrite

  1. Nickolaus Pacione says:

    I have no talent, and will never make anything of myself. I’m sorry I hit you and my son.

  2. I hit you Melany and called you nasty names until you were smart enough to dump my coyote ugly ass on the side of the road. No wonder I can’t get a woman since I still lust after you, and you won’t touch me with a million foot pole.

  3. cussedness says:

    Hey Nicky diddums, did you lose your teething ring?

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