Nickolaus Pacione

Things Nicky is NOT:

1.  An author

2.  An editor

3.  A good father

4.  A good boyfriend

5.  A Christian

6.  A good person

7.  Professional

8.  Attractive

4 thoughts on “Nickolaus Pacione

  1. I need to get a life Melany. I will never make money in the business as a writer. I sit on my ass eating bonbons and stealing titles from people with real talent.

  2. Lloyd Phillip Campbell says:

    You also need to curb your urges, sweetie. I know you’ve been talking to Steve behind my back and it hurts.

  3. baupdeth says:

    You forgot clean and hygienic. But the other truths are spot on!

  4. Melany says:

    I also forgot classy. All Nicky is missing from being white trash is a double wide trailer

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